a collective of artists working with the process of stitching

Saturday, 31 August 2013

getting ready for Stitched...

We're busy getting ready.... lots of work in the making....
watch this space....

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Lovefest - Making day

Some examples of works being made on our collective making day from this weekend. Some intriguing and stunning work being made by Nina and Emma.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Slow textiles

I guess you've heard of the Slow Food Movement? Well, I'm a firm believer in the Slow Textile Movement too... Where fibre is produced with minimum ecological impact, locally and sustainably.

Here I've handspun Portland fleece - from sheep that live 2 miles from me and dyed with buttercups - gathered in a meadow near my studio. Portland sheep are a rare breed in the UK local to this area with beautiful fleece. I dyed using the solar method (helped by the beautiful weather at the moment!) and I can't wait to use the finished yarn in a bigger piece for Somerset Art Weeks.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Paint to Stitch

Sew, I became a part of the 'Stitch' group of Artists; one may well ask why a painter has a desire to stitch, well some creative types have a strong need to tell a story. This is where my story begins, puppetry and myths, magical beings and theatre are inspiration for my work. As a child I wrote stories, dressed up and played make believe; as an adult this has never left me, I have a pressing need to create with my hands, imaginary worlds. I wonder sometimes if this is escapism; but I think not, it is my desire to portray the wonder in the world, the beauty of the spirit of man and beast. I want to inspire people to bring them from darkness into the light; sometimes I want to bring joy and a smile to someones face. This I have found I can create in sculptural textile forms of creatures and people, sometimes taking on the form of puppets. My aim is to create an imaginary world of wonder in a gazebo; man and beast will unite in a harmonious world of colour and curiosity....yes, there may well be a bit of paint in there somewhere!

wolf 1 Head
Stiffened canvas, fur and threads
Wolf 1 Body in progress
Made from recycled wire, duvet, shower hose, clothing, wools and threads

Wolf 2 Beginnings of head
Recycled clothing, wire and  threads
My Inspiration - Skye, a friend's Inuit

The Wolf is an inspiration of freedom of spirit, strength of character and wisdom; the Wolf has a playful spirit, a  survivor and highly intelligent, capable of adapting to constantly changing circumstances. The Wolf has keen senses, is extremely intuitive, inquisitive and has a strong sense of devotion to it's young, mates and it's pack.
These are qualities which are of great value to man and beast alike.