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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Paint to Stitch

Sew, I became a part of the 'Stitch' group of Artists; one may well ask why a painter has a desire to stitch, well some creative types have a strong need to tell a story. This is where my story begins, puppetry and myths, magical beings and theatre are inspiration for my work. As a child I wrote stories, dressed up and played make believe; as an adult this has never left me, I have a pressing need to create with my hands, imaginary worlds. I wonder sometimes if this is escapism; but I think not, it is my desire to portray the wonder in the world, the beauty of the spirit of man and beast. I want to inspire people to bring them from darkness into the light; sometimes I want to bring joy and a smile to someones face. This I have found I can create in sculptural textile forms of creatures and people, sometimes taking on the form of puppets. My aim is to create an imaginary world of wonder in a gazebo; man and beast will unite in a harmonious world of colour and curiosity....yes, there may well be a bit of paint in there somewhere!

wolf 1 Head
Stiffened canvas, fur and threads
Wolf 1 Body in progress
Made from recycled wire, duvet, shower hose, clothing, wools and threads

Wolf 2 Beginnings of head
Recycled clothing, wire and  threads
My Inspiration - Skye, a friend's Inuit

The Wolf is an inspiration of freedom of spirit, strength of character and wisdom; the Wolf has a playful spirit, a  survivor and highly intelligent, capable of adapting to constantly changing circumstances. The Wolf has keen senses, is extremely intuitive, inquisitive and has a strong sense of devotion to it's young, mates and it's pack.
These are qualities which are of great value to man and beast alike.

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